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Ted Laguatan and Associates
An ethics based law firm
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We serve clients worldwide!
Atty. Ted Laguatan is honored by the California State Bar as one of only 29 lawyers officially certified continuously as Immigration Law Expert-Specialists for 32 years

Atty. Laguatan specializes in immigration law, human rights law, business cases, accident- injuries, wrongful death, and other complex litigation.
A proven track record of competent and honest service
Laguatan Law ®  3500 Callan Blvd., Suite 203, South San Franicisco, CA 94080
"Atty. Ted Laguatan is the best attorney! Very honest and helpful...he's my miracle lawyer. Highly recommended!"

​- Leia B.
*** Through Project EMAILGRATION, Laguatan Law now offers very affordable expert legal consultation by Email. ***

We have now pioneered a very valuable cost effective time saving legal service. Through email, in the comfort of their homes or from anywhere, for only $190, clients can now get important professional legal advice on immigration matters, accident injuries or wrongful death - from a lawyer officially certified by the California State Bar as an expert lawyer. Officially certified expert lawyers normally charge anywhere from $300 to $500 per consultation.

For immigration matters, with the prior existing laws now supplemented by complex new laws and policy changes promulgated through legislation, Executive Orders or procedural mandates, this cost effective time saving legal service by email is especially valuable. The latest legal information. becomes easily accessible. In our commitment to help as many as possible to have better lives in America, wherever they may come from - we have pioneered this valuable service.

Call or email our law office to give your name and credit card information - then email your questions. Get your professional expert consultation within a short period. Some more complex questions may call for some research and may take a few days. For telephone and office personal consultations, please call for fee rates.