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About Laguatan Law
The Laguatan Law firm was founded on January 7, 1981 by Ted Laguatan, an immigrant from the Philippines exiled in the United States by circumstances during the oppressive regime of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

Upon first arriving in Chicago, Laguatan applied and was admitted to Northwestern University's prestigious Kellogg School of Management MBA program, one of the top MBA programs in the U.S.

Unsure of his directions and going through a deep spiritual search, he went on retreats at the isolated Abbey of Gethsemane monastery in Kentucky, at other monasteries and at Jesuit Retreat Houses. He also spent much time in solitude driving hundreds of miles in the backwoods of America in constant search of answers to philosophical and spiritually related questions.

After much thought and soul searching, he concluded that he was not being true to himself by being in an MBA program which prepares people to engage in business. He was not going to spend his life in pursuit of wealth.

After dropping out of Northwestern's MBA program and more soul searching, his non-immigrant visa expired. As such, he understands the plight of undocumented immigrants and the hardships they go through. After some time, Alva Lee Pilliod, the kindly Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) District Director in Chicago, whom he had met - sympathized with his activism against the Marcos dictatorship and his exile in the U.S. Pilliod helped him by providing important legal information enabling him to become a lawful immigrant and later, a U.S. citizen. He recognizes the great help given to him by that good man.

Realizing that the dictator Marcos was entrenched in power and that he would most likely be exiled for a long time, after more praying, he decided to move to California, take up law and be a lawyer and help as many people as he can. Living a meaningful life is important to him.

The Laguatan law firm was founded on the basis of ethics, a compassion for human beings and social justice. These core values govern our practice of law. We handle cases involving human rights, immigration law and accident related injuries, wrongful death and other cases involving complex litigation.

Attorney Ted Laguatan is recognized by the California State Bar as one of only 29 lawyers officially certified continuously as Expert-Specialists in Immigration Law for almost 32 years now - recognizing him as one of the best lawyers in America. He authored a book on Immigration Law.

The landmark case Matter of Salta which he won is in the law books and has kept thousands from being deported and continues to be a leading precedent case. Another case called Matter of Belarmino involved a gay man which involved gender based asylum which he won when same sex marriage was not yet legal.

He has also gotten awards amounting to millions of dollars for clients in cases involving accident related injuries and wrongful death.

He is a syndicated columnist for four widely read publications and often guests in TV programs, news broadcasts and legal forums.

The Laguatan Law firm respects clients and understand that they come needing real help. We are committed to providing the most competent and honest legal service possible with reasonable costs to clients. We believe that the more people we are able to help, they in turn can help other people.
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